Wilf Riecker - Human Resources Professional

What is 360-degree feedback?

360-degree feedback is a tool for increasing productivity and morale in organizations by providing individuals with new information about how their work is viewed from the perspective of those who know it best.

Why is it called '360-degree feedback'?

360-degree surveys provide such valuable feedback because they query, not just the boss, but those all around the person being assessed—at every point of the compass—all 360 degrees. So it facilitates the partnership in growth between the employee and the organization.

Who do you see when you look in the mirror?

Is that really how others see you?  In most cases, we see ourselves differently than others around us do. That is the logic behind 360-degree feedback….How can you improve your performance if you think you are already OK?  Or maybe there are areas where others see your strengths that you don't.

360-degree feedback can be invaluable for improving managerial performance.  To many organizations, improving the effectiveness of the leadership skills of the management team is critical to long-term corporate success.  The 360 degree Feedback Assessment Process is designed to facilitate the process of developing the right skills in the context of the overall strategic direction of the organization.

Most often employed as an aspect of organizational strategy, 360-degree feedback begins with a questionnaire that asks a group of people to describe the skills and performance of a fellow worker. The collected data is complied into a report which provides individuals with a clearer view of their strengths and opportunities for improvement.